Центр международного сотрудничества

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  • Work with foreign partners, conclusion of agreements, contracts, projects, coordination and approval of programs
  • Collaboration with foreign partners, international organizations, embassies of foreign countries on the implementation of international relations of the university in the field of education and science
  • Participation in joint international conferences, symposiums and exhibitions
  • Participation in international educational programs provided by foreign partners, embassies and representative offices
  • Coordination work on the exchange of internships for specialists, academic staff and students within international exchange programs, including 500 scientists’ program
  • Organizing visits of foreign representatives for lecturing, scientific counseling, workshops, courses, master classes, introductory, etc.
  • Visa support and migration registration for resident foreigners staying at the university within the framework of education and science


Arida Turymshayeva


Director of International cooperation center
Теl: 8-7252-21-41-54
E-mail: arida.t@auezov.edu.kz

Sector of international cooperation

Aida Orynbekkyzy


Senior specialist
Теl: 8-7252-21-41-54
e-mail: aidaorynbek@auezov.edu.kz

Alua Shambilova

High – qualification specialist
Теl: 8-7252-21-41-54
e-mail: upvo-ms-sksu@yandex.kz

Sector for working with Foreign Citizens

Aida Kaldarbekova 


High – qualification specialist
Теl: 8-7252-21-41-54
e-mail: kaldarbekova.aida@list.ru

Alisher Hamrayev

High – qualification specialist
Теl: 8-7252-21-41-54
e-mail: upvo-ms-sksu@yandex.kz

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Director of the international cooperation center

Turymshayeva Arida Turganbekovna

For correspondence: Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, 160012,
Tauke Khan ave. 5, M. Auezov SKSU

+7(7252) 21-41-54
upvo-ms-sksu@yandex.kz, sksu.icc.2015@gmail.com

Mon.- Fri.  9:00  – 18:00

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